Sexy mushroom risotto…?

Once upon a moon, I found a long lost recipe sitting in the annals of my scribbled hallways, deep down in the recesses and just above the dust that gathers over a gigantic treasure of amazing riches… an ecstatic world of blistering creativity, seductive intelligence, mindful lust – such as has never been experienced before in time. It reminds me of Dante’s inferno… an epic, simmering away dangerously like a dormant volcano waiting to explode. Well, it is so very unique…

And so on to the recipe, which I share here.

The main carachters:
A svelte huddle of elegant, long and thin golden needle enokitake mushrooms, so delicate yet full of promise.

Looking like a group of Japanese tourists huddled together, crowned white clamshell shimeji mushrooms, rich in umami tasting compounds, are pleasant, firm, slightly crunchy in texture and have a slightly nutty flavor.

A selection of ear-shaped oyster mushrooms (pleurotus), also being studied as a possible defense against HIV due to its high anti-oxidant compounds.

The classic european dried porcini mushrooms, to add that deep flavour and suggestion of base (animalistic) tendencies. Besides the taste, they’re supposed to possesses incredible healing properties.

The method:
I begin with the mushrooms – a dollop of butter and a spoon of oil in which the fungal bretheren congregate and blend into a sumptuous explosion of flavours. Only a few minutes is required to allow the juices to mingle without losing the individual textures. I set this magical concoction aside to settle into a deep and dreamy taste bomb for later…

Next, a handful of fresh shallots, 1 onion, finely minced garlic and a few sprigs of wild thyme are brought together in the base of a deep pan – allowed to sizzle in oil without anything going brown, I then add the rice for the ‘tostatura’ – the toasting – where the rich savoury undercurrent is absorbed into the rice’s topcoat until it glistens. Nothing is allowed to brown so as not to lock in the starch, which is essential for the texture of the finished dish. With the grains nicely warmed, a glass (or two) of wine pours in to the sizzling pan to be absorbed until everything is glistening seductively and ready for the next step.

Cometh the hour, cometh the stock – tasty and hot is an understatement – a herbal essence will do the trick if meat is not your thing. Eitherway, the stirring begins… and continues… and on and on… #ariston until all is finally absorbed. The rice has swollen to stretch the skin of its now thick juicy husk… at which point you throw in the bonus grated grana to bind it together even further and add a nice thick and salty twang.

[…and here ends the recipe. The bottom half is torn off as if there is a bit that’s missing. Why? Who knows? I guess that to describe the experience of actually consuming such a dish would probably be too… orgasmic? Well there’s no doubt the next chapter can now be left up to the reader’s imagination.]

The healthy anecdote…

All mushrooms are full of juice, tons of it – which oozes out when softened in warm butter or oil.
All mushrooms are also packed with vitamins, plentiful in B, have no cholesterol and are rich in antioxidants and protein and full of amazing health benefits which can be anti-cancerous (beta-glucans), lower cholesterol (lovastatin molecules), probiotic (undigested oligosaccharide). The list is endless….

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