I’m a big fan. No, actually I’m more of an addict. I absolutely loooove it.

Well, spelled or spelt like that could mean something altogether quite different. Perhaps I should have said liqourish instead. No, I like the way its written. Reminds me of tongues slapping away…

Anyway, it has to be the right kind. Not the salty Scandinavian imposter, filled with ammonium chloride, that has crept its way into my local sweet shop. It’s got to be the ‘proper’ stuff like one finds hidden in Basset’s Sherbert Fountain… or Liquorice Wands. A small packet of nigroids wont last long and I can pull wheels apart all day long.

But because it’s full of sugar and god-knows-what, I’ve had to reduce it to one of those binge things, like ice-cream. If you have to, you do and get it over and done with, enjoying the guilty pleasure and then wondering what all the fuss was about as the taste disappears from your buds, replaced by groans from your stomach, asking “Why? Why?”

So we’ve just finished the meal and the waiter/ress comes over and asks if we want to lick her… at least that’s what I always hear, each time. I just don’t share the joke as I was probably about 14 when I first heard it. Honestly! Tsk Tsk… what a sense of humour huh? Silly words I know. But I like words and how they play with our minds. Sounds, emanating from our innards, influenced by various muscles and floating through the air to be captured by a snail like organ that translates it all nice and easily for us. Amazing enough but surely a shame to leave it as that now isnt it? That’s what our mind is for – to make use of the OOOHs and AAAHs!

So I ask for a sambuca with coffee beans. The coffee beans are set alight while they float, soaked in alcohol, and begin bubbling away – releasing their flavour into the syrupy drink as little brown threads, reaching down to the bottom of the glass. It really is a great finishing touch to any gastronomic experience – a perfect combination of lickerish, warm booze and coffee in a small slippery shot.

I know – there are any health benefits to that either. But Alexander the great fed it to his troops because of its thirst quenching properties and it is used in cough mixtures for its expectorant properties. That’s about it though cos too much (100g/week) and your shit will be green and you’ll get chloride-resistant metabolic alkalosis


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