Objectivity is the key to a balanced existence, and somewhat of a struggle to navigate at the same time in this chaotic lifetime.

Once a pagan, hippie, naturalist, indigenous earthling…. So, always conscious of the greater meaning of existence. Yet the present sway of mankind is all but blinkered by the tsunami of constant suggestive, no longer subliminal, plainly ‘in your face’ and ‘this is what you need’, ‘you want this’ (because you’re too dumb to notice that we control you and make lots of money in the meantime). The problem is the ‘we’ is nobody, people come and go, so it is momentum that carries the subterfuge forward in full swing, taking us to the end. It is too big. A monster of our own making. And the world? Fuck it…

So, blogging allows me to circumvent the rationale and transmit directly from my soul. Feelings, quips, thoughts and licks…. borne from the depths of an arcane and universal connectivity, delivered through my penchant for creative rambling. Ultimately, a snapshot of the essence of my real, nowadays considered more ethereal.

How did I end up in an office?

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