Jet black night you hide her well Peppered stars twinkle like diamond crystals Awaiting her splendour, patiently

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Old man…

Lying by the side of the road, I’m a lot like you; Young or old, we all need someone to love us too. What is gone but not forgotten, is who we are; So shed the physical, bare the soul, and make a wish upon a star.

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The toucan dream…

Monday night. Standing in the shadows of a residential area – a fenced garden on one side and tall leafy trees on the other. Someone points at my face. No – higher, I have something on my head which I become aware of at the same time as it flies off to reveal itself – a toucan! Sure it has […]

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The guitar dream…

Sunday night. The spotlight reflects off his glittering guitar as he sways to the groove. Shredding a pulsating beat, he screams his solos with ease, like a snake gliding through a jungle of noise. Pedals, switches and all sorts of trappings are at his beck and call to maximise his symphonious experience. It feels fantastic. Someone enters stage right with […]

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Here we are again. Time passes us by. Sooo beautiful… your glow is ever resplendent and desirable, bathed in little fluffy clouds. Speak to me in volumes of mystery and wrap me in your warm embrace as I wonder at you. Amazing. Eternal. Bliss. Photo credit: szc (C) 2017

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