Jet black night you hide her well Peppered stars twinkle like diamond crystals Awaiting her splendour, patiently

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Old man…

Lying by the side of the road, I’m a lot like you; Young or old, we all need someone to love us too. What is gone but not forgotten, is who we are; So shed the physical, bare the soul, and make a wish upon a star.

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The toucan dream…

Monday night. Standing in the shadows of a residential area – a fenced garden on one side and tall leafy trees on the other. Someone points at my face. No – higher, I have something on my head which I become aware of at the same time as it flies off to reveal itself – a toucan! Sure it has […]

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The guitar dream…

Sunday night. The spotlight reflects off his glittering guitar as he sways to the groove. Shredding a pulsating beat, he screams his solos with ease, like a snake gliding through a jungle of noise. Pedals, switches and all sorts of trappings are at his beck and call to maximise his symphonious experience. It feels fantastic. Someone enters stage right with […]

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