I sleep 5hrs a day on average. Like my grandfather did (much later in life).
But I need to sleep more, a good nights worth.

I am tired, I can feel my body telling me.
Though sleeping can be tiresome too with the adventurous dreams that have me waking in a stupor. I don’t sleep deeply, so my dreams are vivid and I wake feeling like I’ve just lived through a Hollywood blockbuster, often mid-character…

But I’m a night person; my mind says otherwise.
Certainly not one to sleep during the day, though I almost fall asleep at my desk at work sometimes and after too. But when I should be sleeping, like now, I indulge in ‘me time’, like all men need to retreat to their ‘man cave’.
Because night is a time for reflection and peace or for revel and inspiration, depending on your lunar afflictions. I for one, am ruled by the moon.

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