Look up…

I see the fateful Orion’s Belt among the endless, gigantic tapestry of the heavens stretching infinitely overhead.
As with every constellation in our universe, it is always there, twinkling, a pillar of constance and peace compared to our aimless wobble through life. Eternally watchful as we breathe in, breathe out, guiding our spirits from the beginning to the end.

Life is bigger then we can ever know, for our paths are like the dying embers in a spark of existence. Yet even that seemingly meaningless crumb has the potential to hold out for hope during its brief passage, searching longingly for the physicality of love as it journeys unknowingly towards its last ecstasy.

One last one I said to myself (can’t stop reeling them off tonight). I am connected to a momentary transformation in time, inspired by the moon…
Well, of course only when not glued to a mobile, monitor, screen or sheepishly following the masses and trying to keep up with the joneses. When is that 64Gb iPhone 6 going to be in stock???

Let’s breathe in, breathe out once again…

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