Scribbles on a surface that translate into mental or spoken sounds and become words, strung together in a language of communication.
Empowering users and affecting receivers.
Used gazillions of times over for thousands of years, in many different ways but always seemingly new to the hand that writes, the lips that speak, the eyes that see, the ears that hear.

Words can be beautiful, destructive, peaceful and revolutionary.

Having them constructed to describe a beauty you would not dare to dream to see in yourself is an amazing experience – something you can keep in your heart forever like timelessness, the light of a star or an eternal flame that no one can blow out – and that you must because it is such a rare thing and is all too easily be replaced with something so very terrible and damaging, the wounds of which take long to heal.

More importantly, despite the ramblings, the weavings of lyrical magic, spellbinding suggestion, imagined realities, dreams that are felt to the core of ones soul, there is always the risk of inaction too.

For actions will always speak louder than words…

I wish my life had not been such a struggle, like sisyphus, engaging in so many actions that never brought desired results. I should have let the boulder roll down the hill and instead looked for the smaller beautiful stones and collected them as I walked up the mountain, gathering enough to build my castle on top, where there would only exist unconditional love, compassion and humility.

So I can keep banging my head against the wall, with such passion as only I know how and still conjure up peace with myself. I can keep patiently crawling sideways, like the crab that I am, never reaching a destination, a full stop, yet knowing that the journey is what it’s all about.

But I could also tear out my heart that is filled with an eternity of rainbow dreams and twinkling stars and bury it deep where it can never be found again. Because emotional pain is tiring and I seem to have the ability to absorb an endless amount of my own and those that choose to give it to me. As sad as it might sound, I see this as a strength, perhaps because I have learned enough not to blame anyone and to be prepared to feel the full force of such pain dragging me down through gutters but knowing that we can always look up at the stars… to know I must forgive myself and others and to never ever be bitter…

So when all is said and done, I chose to hold on to love! Because I have loved and and I do love and will continue to love, for that is why we are here. Love is everything…

….and of course I will still take a moment to put these words out so that they can stand in their own right and with them, I will hold my head up high.

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