I thought it was the end.

Seriously? Is this happening to me? Now? Already?

Forget the bucket list. My time was up and not even the moon could stop it…

It’s funny how when you think your life is coming to an end, only the really important things matter, like family and relationships. All the rest seems to be an aimless list of ego-driven desires we apply a certain amount of importance to while we are here; as if they will have some meaning at the end.

But they don’t.

Thankfully, 36hrs of test after test revealed that wasn’t a heart attack but a sudden musculoskeletal trauma which had stopped me breathing properly and yet miraculously healed after a few days. I’m taking it as a serious warning to make the most of what there is, while I am still here…

The only thing that is important in life is to be kind, loving and positive to yourself and others. Nurture relationships. Help the needy. Be good to your body. Eat well, exercise often. Breathe deeply. Those are a few things that, when in action, really make you feel ‘alive’ and are worth looking back on when the man comes around…

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