Life is but a dream. As we row, row our boats gently down it’s stream…

Although in the boat, at the moment, it feels like I’m am navigating rapids… But I can still look up tonight and pause for a breath – much like ancient sailors did, relying on the stars for their survival. At least I’m on my ship, sailing east, towards the sun.

Oh captain, my captain” I hear you say… But my trip is not fearful and I am far from done. It is but an ambling journey towards eternal peace.

I am living a dream. But, in it, I am wide awake – wanting to be chilling with a jack/guitar and moon shades – but in the meantime I am not afraid to ask without getting answers and full stops… All the while connected by an ancient calling that echoes through the ages, to the eternal, white, blissful moon. My moon. My mistress. My soulmate. Full, tonight.

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