We drawn to the idea that we need to share our lives with others but can we not live alone?
We seem to have to possess and spend money on things we don’t really need too…

Why are we always in need of anything at all (aside from food)? Do we all suffer from this innate addiction?

We are born into a world of discovery which naturally includes plenty of human interaction. We learn to understand the world around us. We are given the tools to survive. So why do we end up striving so hard to seek companionship and possessions?

Could it be we are all suffering the results of an emotionally turbulent or even empty childhood? Did we all absorb the sins of the father? Did we get the right amount of love and nurturing? Is that why we need more and therefore seek it in others and in the possession of objects?

Or maybe we’re all sheep, following what we have been told is the right way to live our lives, rather than thinking for ourselves?

Or is it that we are really just animals trying to complicate matters by pretending we’re intelligent humans?

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