That time of year when you’ve been dreaming so long about it and you cannot wait any longer…

Finally, the perfect day arrives: the tail end of winter, when the sun is warming up and a thin cloud cover keeps the heat in; a gentle breeze counter balances and send tingles of warm and cold feather-light changes that send your pores into discombobulatory chaos… and at that very moment…

You dive in.

The transformation is instant; the shock to the system, total. Freezing cold and salty, it envelops my exposed armour and burns a path of electric wake-up from S5 to C1 – shoots up my brain stem and pops my brain – as I suck in a lungful of air due to complete and utter shock…

Only to have a rogue wave wash down my windpipe!

#cough #splutter #wheeze #firstswim

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