Hidden gems…

My blog seems to me to be pretty much how it was originally described – private thoughts, creative ramblings and wordy constructions, unravelled for the world to see. It appears to be a work in progress, of bits and pieces thrown together with no particular aim or reason. A hodgepodge assemblage.

But why must they be so ‘naked’? Can I not have hidden gems I would keep for myself – private musings rather than expressing everything to this mass audience? After all, I am not writing for them.

Sure, I guess it’s great to be ‘seen’ and ‘liked’ – as with other social media platforms, it gives a false sense of fraternal credulity and puts the impending reality of #loneliness at bay. #Escribitionist.

But occasionally I have to ask what this addictive fascination is and why do I do it? Of course I never have a concrete answer… If it’s a means to an end, it could be rather empty when I get there – rather like a full stop. If it’s about the process then it could be rather shallow and transient too.

So…? Why do you blog?


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