The daily blah…

My job is killing me.My daily life is one hyperventilating stress after another.

I am surrounded by bickering or subterfuge and my only answer is to ask what for?

Only when I look up at the night sky do I feel placated. Restful. At one with myself and connected to the other side of me. The real me. The one that IS. I am still here. I am always here. That much I know.

The 24/7 struggle leaves nothing left at the end of a day but this momentary connection is still something to hold on to.

I am fighting to reach something that is almost attainable but never quite there. I do it every day. My conscience propels me. Keeps me sane. Allows me to keep contain my anxiety. Thank god I play squash once a week, but that is not enough of an excuse…

With an unstable career ahead and pursuing alternatives, I am stretched. To come home to more comfortlessness is tiring.

I have love indeed and family to boot and even compassion galore, but my soul is drained and denied.

And tomorrow is another day.

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