Sunset swim…

In his mental man cave he floats, eyes up to the sky now saturated with hues of green, orange and purple as the sun sets slowly in the distance.

And as fast as the sun goes down, so the waves slow to a gentle lull, lapping the nearby shores and pushing against his body, while his skin soaks up the salty goodness. Beneath him, untold creatures prepare for another night.

As he gazes up, the first stars begin to appear – twinkling ever so faintly as they subtly draw the night blanket ever nearer. A pause for breath at such natural beauty….

The prelude to a night of lunar mysticism. A time of wonder and deep thoughts beckons. And as if on cue, there you are, but a sliver of silver gorgeousness radiating eternal love from on high…

Photo credit: szc (C) 2016

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