Au clair de la lune…

Big as ever… A perfectly round pulsating glowing orb of golden mystery rising overhead, drawing my soul skyward. Pulling me with the magic of its ethereal stillness.

Peaceful, loving, warm and offering a perpetual constancy like nothing on earth. I swing slowly, bathing in its light as it leaves Uranus and onto Pluto, now glittering in Aquarians waterfalls of starlight.

I am it’s servant, ruled and subdued like a creature of the night.
Yet I feel more alive in these moments than at any other.

I am here like countless others have been and will be till the end of time. Worshippers, acolytes, druids, wiccans, gentry, all are affected, most of oblivious while others even when awake.

Is that maybe why I am not sleeping? Is the magnetism so strong as to affect me tonight once again? Of course. I should have known the obvious.

Another night of dreaming beckons.

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