White pill of night…

White pill of night,
Come… heal my soul.
While I lie swinging,
Make me feel whole.

Sing me a lullaby,
Tell me a tale.
Of the wheres and the whys,
From your wondering soul.

Magic my being,
Fill me with peace.
Open your heart,
And together we’ll feast.

I’ll whisper of love,
Of my yearnings and pain.
And a passionate simmering,
To be creative again.

Yes my heart is on fire,
As my soul is connected.
See me burn with desire,
I shall be resurrected!

Ah but as you recycle,
So I must flow.
And night after night,
So I bathe in your glow.

As I trust in this rhythm,
Of patience and virtue.
That one seed at a time,
Will I earn what I’m due.

So till tomorrow my friend,
For my dreams are now calling,
Not that I feel like but…
(I have work in the morning)

And this unfinished business,
This road trip ‘au noir’,
We’ll continue next time.
So, for now, ‘Bon Soir’…


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