I live in a shell.
I think we all do at times. Or else we have many shells we swap from time to time… Like personas. But I have one shell which I carry on my back. It is strong and doesn’t change colour, for it is already a rainbow due to the many experiences it has endured (and survived).
Sometimes, I venture out beyond my expectations and ride the chaotic waves of life where I try to promote reason, peace, harmony and virtuous undertakings. For that is an ultimate goal in life. But I always know my shell is there, waiting patiently, offering refuge.

Inside my shell is a world of blissful child-like passionate emotions, an eclectic torrent of adulterous creativity and a whirlwind of blinding peace.

Inside is perfect, outside is chaos.

And although I embrace the chaos for its constance and the potential for change it offers (#changeisgood), I am always aware that my shell is a place to escape to.

But do I want to be so alone?

No. Of course not. I am human after all… Occasionally I open up my self to others and let them in to share my humble world, proud of my wares. Moments as engaging as they are dangerous. For that is another ultimate goal. To share ones soul with others,¬†becoming one in an undulating sea of impermanence. Why else are we here?

A couple of points to add to the bucket list.

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