Time out…

Like many, I exist as a trained monkey, performing tasks to suit the whims of others. Husband, father and employee blend into one perpetual functionary blur. As a jack of many, many trades, I rely on my bountiful experiences and resourcefulness to see me through the daily requirements I expect of myself to satisfy these needs (wagging my tail with each success).

From the moment I wake up until I close my eyes to sleep, I function like a monotonous battery. While asleep, I recharge, ready to face another day. Ariston and on

Every day my success is graded by scales I do not recognize and fail to question or counter as the thumb of guilt delivers it’s judgement and drives me on to strive to do better…

While asleep, my dreams remind me of my true self. Which also feels like a strand of hair endlessly patched together with Sellotape… Always there but for how long? I must study the war on art

So who will begrudge me this time out where realization sinks in and where nothing and no one else matters while I dive comfortably into a cave of contemplation and an existence untarnished from any expectations.

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