The game of life…

We’re only here for a while, pretending, if not trying really hard to be meaningful while we are… but most of us will succumb to the pitfalls that is the wheel of life:

  • Many burn the candles at both ends just so others can get rich.
  • Many bust their guts every day just to survive for the next.
  • Many have no conscience and are swallowed in a sea of power, lust and greed.
  • Many have no sense of morality and terrorise in the name of others.

All of these were once innocent children with the same benign aspirations on life, getting used to the immediate world, making Einstein-like discoveries while zipping up that incredibly steep learning curve until they’re life is rocked by something they will come to learn as ‘bad’ ‘evil’ and so on. Genetics traits aside, most will have dreams, few will realise them as they will fall into one of the aforementioned slots on the wheel of life.

…and yet, there are still some who will grow up to be the angels that show others the way, preaching love and light. These are the Voyagers: embodied spirits who have a connection to the very essence of life, here to pass on the teachings. They are the lucky ones who fear nothing.

It’s amazing that, as an intelligent race with so much potential, this planet would probably be glad to see the back of us, we do so much more harm than good.

Anyway, it all sounds like a board-game to me – the kind god and his buddies might play on a Saturday night, just to relieve the boredom. Probably similar to what Conway had in mind rather than Hasbro‘s version (which reinforces insurance policies, banks and other materialist fundamentals on young minds – ooooh what fun!).

Either way, I sometimes wish my dice had landed on a different number.  Maybe next time around huh?

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