Temporarily invisible, but far from forgotten – you activate a hidden level of my subconscious, where shadow patterns and motives (which we are not aware of most of the time) move suggestively, in mysterious and questioning ways.

For the moment, your chariot, pulled each night by ten majestic white horses, travels the dark side. It is a time of great power, when cycles renew. Purification – before the new starts or to refresh old processes – and birth, when the small droplets of morning dew will bring to plants the essence of fertility anew.

So what are those mysteries, those questions? Ah, but we are all familiar with those… “What could have been? Why not? Where did it go wrong? How do I escape this Sisyphean life?” “Is this it?” #midlifcrisis

Then comes the subconscious rationale (“you’re doing the right thing”), thus the purification (is that you or me talking?), and the subsequent refreshing of old processes.

Hmmm… but I don’t feel that fresh morning dew – more like the same stagnant pond of unfulfilled dreams. Maybe I should fast for lent?

No, it’s more of a cynical “Honey, I’m home!” that I experience on these occasions. Dark moon, new moon or whatever you are…

Until we smash ourselves into the floor and die again… Here’s to Chandra, the true rebel. May we be inspired.

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