God’s love…

Here’s an interesting perspective…
“God’s Love is measured by the challenges he gives us.”

Man, I’m really feeling the love, big time. So much, that I am close to tears at times.

Today my soul is bruised and beaten into a temporary state of numbness by the sheer weight of negativity coming from every direction. I look up… “Really? How long must it go on?”

The soul is ever present but difficult to sense (unless you can be still and breathe). It’s like a place deep down inside all of us where the inner child rolls around blissfully in fluffy white clouds. A place of virtue, trust and honesty. Chuck in a dash of zen, grinding guitars, some body funk and an abundance of love… Real love… the kind of blindingly pure light/energy that connects to the eternal which is there to guide us from within.

Along the way the soul makes connections with people, places… Some linger, some are brief and some hold fast forever and the connection is so strong that you might come to realise we really are just vessels in this mortal life after all.

“I know you… I see you” (Navi style).

In this “shoot from the hip” existence where everything is instant (coffee and tweets) there should be forced pauses to remember that we can go deep down inside for the honest truth to be found. Such a shame we don’t navigate there as often as we need to eat. If we did, then we would say and do the right things all the time and there would be no confrontation, selfishness, violence even…

So I stick wit da program, hang around some more, letting my soul absorb the shallowness of others. Like a cholesterol ratio battle raging away inside where the good negates the bad.

Bring it on, give me pain and sadness. For sure. Always. At least my soul is overflowing with truth.

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