“Father forgive them, for they know not what they do…”

Jesus had it sussed!

We never see our loved ones flaws. If we did, we would accept them as the unexpected attributes that make us different. This is a necessary juxtapositional balance to the blind wonder we have at finding someone we think is just like us, in this fragile world.

Love does not come with steadfast laws or rules and unbreakable bonds by default.

Love is like life – always a work in progress, and each of us can only be responsible for our end of the bargain… If there is a guiding law, it is that none of us are perfect and we are always changing. Nothing is permanent…
(Even though some things are eternal: we can think we are alone, but we’re all in the same boat)

Love must be nurtured to be maintained, and the approach from our soul also determines the outcome. Any expectations we may have along the way will always be met with unexpected challenges to teach us to that we can have none other than of ourselves: to be forgiving.

This is the basis of long lasting friendships, family ties, love, marriage, soulmates, etc..? Where flaws, like wounds, are forgiven… and can heal, with time.

What are flaws anyway? Things we don’t like about another… When did we get the right to be so judgemental?

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