It really surprises me time and time again how unexpected dramas can result from words or small actions, without motive.

I will think and act along lines which I think are appropriate, quite harmless and probably only justifying my position. However I can apparently also be quite horrifyingly wrong in my appraisal.

While I accept that different of opinion is healthy, I find it odd that I could be accused of a selfish and intentionally harmful stance. I honestly find it puzzling how easily I can brew a storm in a tea cup.

It could be said I don’t take some things seriously enough, but I have learned that change is too constant to always be fixated on the way things are.

The way things should be and need to be but don’t have to be.

This kind of reaction really shouldn’t be surprising to me though. Especially when recalling the majority of my life has attracted so much criticism from the Venusian branch of humanity. After all, a Martian has never suggested I was a bitch (though I don’t mind a bit of sarcasm).

Still it appears I manage to offend time and again. So there must be something to it. I guess shit-magnet can be a destiny after all. How tiring…

Give a guy a break? Yeah, I’d probably have to die for that.

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