The ship that sailed…

Can you imagine having thousands of followers who cling to your every word and explode in reactionary hashtag nirvana whenever you fart…

Ok, so I didn’t post something on the night of the last full moon… #Gasp #Shockhorror #OMG! Well, you’re right. I missed the chance to compose an ode to my muse, my soulmate – la luna, lunar goddess etc… Alas, even I can be forgetful #understatement #shameonme

The truth? I’ve been so wrapped up (whatsnew) with work, home and erranddom – all of which never seems to stop long enough for me to be truly subjective – that I forgot to look up into the sky that night, though I was aware during days before and hours after. Don’t get me wrong, I walk around with a smile inside and a keen sense of what I think is balance, though the furrowed brow must be oozing charm outwardly #not. But I’ve been working overtime interviewing key government officials on a project requirement and I’ve also been squeezing in the pound-shedding routines such as gym, football, squash… easily countered by a night of bingeing. So things are pretty hectic aside from the usual. (Yeah I know, excuses excuses…)

So suddenly it was like “oh look -it’s gone!”

Now where have I heard that mentioned before? Oh yes. “That ship’s sailed”. There’s a saying! Yet I do believe in second chances (and 3rd, 4th, 5th etc) or an adaption of the truth – different perspectives (hence the chances)… then again, you’d have to wonder why I don’t always learn? Technically, if it doesn’t work then it’s not for you – move on (hence the saying). I understand that. BUT, in practice, I resist change – even though I know it could be good for me and I always preach “change is good” to others. I guess I believe that it refers to inner change more than physical. If only it wasn’t such an emotional upheaval…

Funny how ‘chance’ and ‘change’ are only a letter apart #youcanfly


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