On special moments…

It was a public holiday – a Friday afternoon as I strolled along the beach with my daughter…

One of those really special, carefree moments. Where both of us are in jean shorts, t-shirts, flip flops and afro-hair mode without a care in the world. It’s the beginning of summer. Not a cloud in the sky. A cool fresh breeze with the warm heat of the sun blending in a cocktail of delight as it swim over one’s newly exposed skin. We spent a few hours lost in time, skipping through the seaside nooks and crannies, armed with fishing nets, looking for crabs, shells, fish and whatever else we might catch for our bucket.

I looked up and saw you rising into the sky. Being close to the antipodal time of the month, the sun was setting at the same time on the other side, both of you equidistant from your horizons – in perfect balance.

The next day, we went and bought a Siamese Fighter. It’s a very friendly and handsome specimen with beautifully flowing tails in hues of blue with tinges of red. She’s called him ‘Napoleon’ and he sits quietly blowing a bubble nest in anticipation of his future mate…

“Daddy, when are going to get the female so they can breed?!”

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