Tangerine dreams…

I met you once upon a rainbow where we tripped the light fantastic. So mellow yellow was I  with your beaming smile. So gleaming goldly were you in my gazing eyes…

Rising ceremoniously from the deeply secretive blueberry oceans, your contrasting orange orb strikes a bold and vivacious aura – galloping forth in proud gangnam style. Ready to do battle with purple patches of nullifying negativity, to soften the hardest of concrete emotions, so greyed with time – to melt all opposition down to a colourless void from where they will conjoin regeneratively into the dreamy rainbow of life.

I too have been blackened by the same fiery sun as anyone else which is why I look to the moon – a pure goddess, that delivers on basic instinct, offers healing and hope to some whilst driving others wild; celebrated in all religions; swaying tides, blood flow and stirring lustful passions – a true pandora’s box.

Love comes in many hues, is hard work and to get properly involved takes commitment and courage. Not everyone has what it takes, but each of us is an artist with his canvas and colours – masters of our own destinies.

Note to self: Love waxing lyrical but must start painting again…


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