Lamb of god, you take away the sins of the world, grant us peace

Another Sunday, another sermon… The ritualistic and perpetual constance of this communal gathering that takes place over and over again, throughout the day, all over the world – you have to wonder where it all began?

… And it is not unique either as you could put every kind of religious belief and spiritual bent under the same umbrella.

But what is the fundamental reason that all this exists? What do millions continue to seek, as did the billions before them?

Salvation? Atonement? Righteousness?

There was a bottom line once upon a time and probably long before us. That would have been about balance; not about good and evil but with the way of things in a natural sense – serenity and peace and… dare I say love? Sure, there would have been turbulence too but not one borne of hatred towards others.

Would that life were so simple…

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