Lost for words…

Bottled up like a carolina reapers‘s heat, reaching out to the stars, anchored by a fat cork; jam-packed full of heavy realities.

I’ve watched you a million times, day and night, and pondered endlessly only to realise I’m still here… Yet when you shine, even for the briefest of moments, I melt… Look, there you are again, out tonight and shrouded in a mist of mesmerising prosaic magnetism.

And here I am, again…

From my hammock, I entertain thought of you along with endless questions of myself… Where will I end up? What will I do from now until I die? When will I die? Why am I alive? Why do amazing people die? What is my life worth? What is its meaning? Why does it feel all so transient? Such are my current deliberations and unanswered questions… in a mid-life crisis? Maybe so, but hospitalisation and death of any kind have an affect when close to home. So intense and weighty arent I?

I wish it were simpler!

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