Blood moon

It’s coming, for real… and with it prophecies for the end of days!

How fitting for our times:

  • When +51million people are displaced – fleeing from raging wars, poverty and oppression.
  • When we are all suffering economically #Chinasneezes
  • When migration has become a ‘problem‘.

Typically, the Daily Star gets right into prophecy details with descriptive/visual pulp.

The end is signalled after 28 September, when a 2.5mile wide asteroid will hit Puerto Rico triggering a magnitude 12 earthquake and it’s no wonder the Mediterranean Tsunami is also being spoken of…

However, before that, another 5 meteors are expected to ‘pass by’ our planet and may well just hit us too. Of course there are many particular references to this ‘end of days’ in the bible which have been pointed out too. Some really believe in providing investigative rationale.

I have also heard it said that the world powers are in fact causing war, recession and migration for a reason…?

Whilst there is no doubt that the problems of our times are truly devastating; that the rich want to stay that way at all costs; that a reduction of earth’s population would probably alleviate some of its troubles… I do wonder how we have come to be in this mess. I mean we are the problem – mankind. It only take a few sad f****** to drop a bomb, pass a law, hike prices…  Unfortunately we’ve allowed such people to slowly erode our moral righteousness as we are desperately lost in our own selfish struggle for survival.

With that, the powerful voices of the collective are lost amidst the noises of struggle. I bet if all the people of this planet stood up and said “no more!”, “Stop burning our planet“, “Stop telling us what to grow“, “Stop feeding us sugar“, “Stop pumping us with chemicals!” that could work.

Once upon a time, we lived in caves, consumed what we needed, valued our resources, gave thanks for food and protected our family.

I’ll be looking up and praying to all gods that this will just pass by, like so many others did (1806, 1843, 1910, 1982, 1997, 1999, 2000, 2012 etc…) as well as those to come

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