Still life…

I live near the doldrums, just down the road from lake breathe – a place I often dream about swimming in. I’m lucky as my view is actually of the lake and surrounding hilly doldrums, “Where calmness prevails” as the imaginary slogan goes, but for the odd baffling breeze that wanders through – I’m in the right place. I think.

I rest in my hammock beside a well full of sweet nothings that has filled up over the years with an endless downpour of lost utterances. Now just words piled on top of each other, though originally of good intent and meaning, I’m sure. I could pull a few out like ‘I’… ‘Love’… ahh how sweet.

My quilt is stuffed full of soft velvety thoughts, collected over the long years of solitude. It is indeed very comfortable. But it doesn’t stop epic dreams from taking over at night and making me feel like I’ve just watched an 8 hour adventure movie upon waking – like running a marathon through mountains, valleys, jungles, food and sex…

It’s funny but now that I am here I just want to stay put. I miss this. Rarely do I find the time to think – I have been living these last six or so months non-stop and seemingly at the whim of others. Such is the rut of life I suppose – where one thing overlaps another and you suddenly find you have become a piece of furniture lost in the corner of a large living room belonging to someone else. 2016 was supposed to be better than this and we’re almost half way through. Well, my body has let me know what it thinks of my stinky life choices and really it’s just about being more mindful and making conscious choices for the good of the self.

#changeisgood #getouttadodge But does he dare? On no! Oh Sisyphus… you stupid shit.

“But you cant take my mind and my soul!” They feast with delight given the mere provocation of a stray word or a gentle breeze in this very, very still life. #thankyou for the gentle reminder…


I actually originated from large gap in the toothy smile of a velvet underground. But that tale will have to wait for another time.


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