Hammock time…

To and fro…

Every night as I have done for the last 22yrs, always there, my mobile man cave! When I’m gone, at least I will have that to my name. So, each time i am here, birds in the nearby trees squabble amongst each other, what sounds to me like a lullaby as the sun goes down and twilight draws a dark veil over us.

To and fro…

Tonight, as with most nights, you are there high up in the sky and as the darkness looms you turn up the volume and shine radiantly as ever… Majestic… Pure and awesome. So pretty, so beautiful to me and nothing will ever tell me otherwise.

To and fro…

I have my guitar with me, as is not uncommon. Plucking her string draws out a gentle wail that carries through the night air and puts the birds firmly to their slumber. My heart pines through my fingers, longing for something within me and without. A forbidden impermanence where you just know it would be something soo special. But here I am.

To and fro…

As the night creeps over us and my thoughts drift far away to a place that’s quite perfect in my mind. I find myself in a place of serenity and calmness… meditating quietly. Looking at you and breathing in the beauty of life.

To and fro… This is my hammock time.

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