No time…

“No time, for making my moves, no time…
No time, for hitting my groove, no time…”

(J.J. Cale)


I cried myself to sleep last night
and woke up in a dream
where you and I and loved ones sat
beneath a bodhi tree

We meditated, laughed and sang a lot
and we watched a rainbow sky
at the setting sun our souls inhaled
and we flew into the night

Then the moon and mars and venus loved
in timeless passionate waves
how voyagers are familiar with
in their eternally ethereal state

The rest was like a sausage party
at least that was the vibe then
but up to that point twas bootiful
and so very very zen



I love to dream, when peace allows it
which is rather rare at times
as clocks ticks faster for each of us
cos we spend so much online

And boss man says it ain’t enough,
gotta give me more, today!
that’s the way the money goes
while another hair goes grey

Such a restless life, no time to breathe
like headless chickens we dance
but find a field and pause…
shall ye find peace in silence?

So I sold the house and got the cash
and now the world’s my oyster
its time to choose a different path
as free as flowing water

Where brushes dance and oils can ooze
fused with earth and air
a place to settle and feel some peace
somewhere way out there


to be continued…

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