In anticipation…

I knew this day would come and I knew the reaction would be like this. Not knowing me, who I really am deep down inside, what makes me tick, how my mind moves – I knew this would be difficult to understand.

This has been my road to freedom ever since I started – my place to vent, to create and wax lyrical – the best place to be while not in front of my blank canvasses, as close to a mental sketchbook as I can get.

Lemons? No sorry, a stray conversation like bananas..

Where was I? Angry? Yes probably, because we’re all so fed up of being judged and misunderstood and not being ourselves and living for everyone else instead…
Get these shackles off I say! Breathe… (Anger is a powerful energy and ally when mastered.)

At least I’m lucky I’ve tasted what I need. In the meantime, I keep working for the man…


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