50 – love…

Cold silvery grey wisps subtly blend under his long brown locks while knowing lines of wisdom etch gradually into his face…

Like most in the same place of time, he has come a long way, through oceans of joy, fields of discovery and mountains of turbulence. Yet here he is. The big five-0. Nothing more, nothing less…

“You mean as in tennis?”

So what’s the story so far? Nada, a mess. Pessimistic maybe but just the chaotic nature of life. The youthful innocence at the mercy of elders, the carefreedom of a young adult swiftly followed by the turbulence of responsibility in marriage and parenthood. There seems to be a natural order of things. So why question it?

“Ok, now I get it, you’re being cryptic?!”

Why is he even here. Is he here at all?  He knows sometimes his soul is somewhere else as souls tend to do – far away connected to the ethereal strands of the timeless voyager, writhing in ecstasy to unfathomable music and love eternal as only Hendrix could explain…

“Ok… now it’s getting a little weird.”

Until he can answer what’s it all about, he knows that focussing on the present is all. The here, the now. This is what it is. He’s known for ages. Breathe…

Yes, he wishes for things to be different but he is also greatful for where he is, what he has made and for those close to him that show love and belief. There has been worse. Dare he dream for better?

“Is he for real?”

He knows where this is going. The deep rooted yearning for fulfillment and self-transformation. How will he become who he really is is the daily mantra. To connect with the deep internal being and allow it to permeate throughout and out and out in all its beauty? Mind and body and soul are waiting to join forces. “C’mon dude what you waiting for?” He knows this as he been the captain, steadying the ship for others. Yet now his flock is spreading its wings and change is afoot.

“Gees this guy is too much, slit my wrists already!”

He must journey forwards and be at peace without the delusion of guilt, as he has done well and honest acceptance is the key to being.

“Sad self-centred git, must have been a complete bastard or a buddhist monk in a previous life.”

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