The guitar dream…

Sunday night. The spotlight reflects off his glittering guitar as he sways to the groove. Shredding a pulsating beat, he screams his solos with ease, like a snake gliding through a jungle of noise. Pedals, switches and all sorts of trappings are at his beck and call to maximise his symphonious experience. It feels fantastic. Someone enters stage right with a new gadget, not seen before. Part mechanical, with springs and levers, it looks like a prototype contraption built in the back of an 80’s garage. With some tweaks and adjustments, even this rustic gizmo is no challenge for the maestro as he creates new sounds.  Laughing with joy, he blends back into the bubble of his magnum opus.

There is no audience and he doesn’t need one. As for rest of the shop, it’s business as usual.

Interpretation: Take some much needed pride in your individuality and create, no matter what others say. Do not wait. Begin today…

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