The toucan dream…

Monday night. Standing in the shadows of a residential area – a fenced garden on one side and tall leafy trees on the other. Someone points at my face. No – higher, I have something on my head which I become aware of at the same time as it flies off to reveal itself – a toucan! Sure it has a yellow/orange beak but the black feathers are replaced by an electric blue velvet cloak as bright as a peacock’s breast. The friendly creature flies around us, eventually settling in my arms to receive seemingly much needed attention. Sadly, as it turns out (through some kind of telepathy between it and I), this unassuming creature was born in captivity to be sold on the illegal wildlife market but had managed to escape through mounds of dirt and cardboard using its beak to claw its way out. Originally from India, it talks about its childhood which is a bit too detailed to recall… the next thing I remember, there’s a young dark-skinned girl with cropped hair dressed in a raggedy apron who starts revealing her origins by singing Indian songs and – remembering childhood dance moves – dances with joy. Nearby, a teacher recognises the performance and joins in with a smile. The initial apprehension on my part, that the girl is divulging her inner secrets of where she comes from, fades into relief and joy of acceptance.

Interpretation: Feelings of unworthiness are unjustified. Being small and of humble origins should not detract from your unique individuality. Stand up, do not be afraid to show your true colours as you will be respected for it. Your perspective and ability to create exotic tapestries amidst the cacophony of life is some is something to be proud of.

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